QA Management Solutions Inc. (QAMSI)

Annual Internal Audit is an audit which is conducted to increase the confidence between departments, employees, management and customers. These audits allow the opportunity of self-correction as well as recognition for those activities the company performs well. The objective here is to identify gaps annually that would exist in the program and ensure alignment with corporate strategy.   

Manufacturer Process Audit is an audit which systematically examines the acts and decisions of the people employed by the Manufacturer to have independence to evaluate and report the degree of compliance to the requirements of the Manufacturer's quality program and the Owner's specifications.

Pre-assessment Audit is an audit that is conducted to identify any non conformities and implement corrective actions before the registrar’s certification audit. These audits are typically done if expanding the scope of the original Certificate of Authorization Conducting or if seeking a new Certificate of Authorization. A pre-assessment audit prior to the full certification audit instills the confidence of the organization to proceed with all final arrangements with the registrar.

Product Audit is an assessment of the final product or service itself and is achieved through thorough inspection of the final product before delivery to a supplier or a customer. By thoroughly inspecting the final product, it ensures the customer requirements have been achieved or that any nonconformities identified and communicated to the customer for an acceptable disposition.  This also ensures that when receiving the product at site that there should be no problems experienced by the Receivers at site. If there are, it allows isolation of the nonconformity with the responsible party.

Source Inspection Audit is the inspection of purchased products and process records at the supplier’s premises to verify compliance with requirements before shipment to the client. Inspections are generally performed in a manner that ensures inspection at key points within the manufacturing cycle and at points where the manufacturing floor is not unnecessarily impacted by stoppage of the assembly or manufacturing operations. ​

Supplier or Vendor Audit is an audit where the procedures and processes are agreed on during a selection process involving multiple suppliers. This audit identifies non-conformances in the manufacturing process, management of change process, engineering deviation process, procurement process, quality process, and also their transportation process. Supplier audits are done to document the relationship between different companies in order to verify compliance of a supplier’s products and processes.