QA Management Solutions Inc. (QAMSI)


Effectiveness, efficiency and excellence! A quality audit is an independent evaluation performed by qualified personnel that ensures the process, product or equipment conforms to the quality requirements established through quality standards, procedures and policies.

Short cuts that exist within these system can go unnoticed for long periods of time and these workarounds can have consequences that create a domino effect and effect other areas of your business. 

Our services are focused on the performing the following audit types to help you identify where such deficiencies exist within;

Our audits achieve the following deliverables for our clients;

  • planned quality objectives are well defined
  • confirmation products are safe and fit for use
  • validation pertinent laws and regulations are followed
  • data collection and distribution systems are accurate, adequate, and demonstrated
  • validation that corrective action is taken when required
  • improvement opportunities are identified

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