QA Management Solutions Inc. (QAMSI)

Management Solutions

QAMSI provides competent management expertise to small, medium and large sized companies within Western Canada that deliver commodities involving the use of pressure equipment industry. We specialize in the delivery of auditing and inspection services that are designed to protect your bottom line.

Quality management supports the needs of three integrated work streams, designed to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Federal and provincial requirements identified through Acts and Regulations will stipulate required codes and standards for the design, construction, installation, repairs or alteration, operation, and inspection of assets defined as pressure equipment. Personnel certification requirements for operators,
inspectors and designers are also supported under the auspice of this program.

Effective integration of your business processes will ensure not only the safety compliance of your pressure equipment across all business units and departments of your company, but will ensure a practical and balanced approach that effectively manages the needs of all of your program stakeholders.