IN-SERVICE Inspection 

Equipment inspection and assessment intervals of stationary and rotating equipment is driven by the equipment manufacturer, jurisdictional authority or by intervals set by other major equipment within your plant.

As equipment ages the timing of these inspection and assessment intervals will vary depending on how the equipment is operated and maintained. Depending on the complexity and size of the equipment each component of that equipment or system should be treated individually along with the defect mechanisms that are introduced by their service environment. If the component or equipment is not considered reliable, unplanned outages can result. Synchronizing key inspections with turnaround frequencies is critical to controlling plant maintenance costs.

We can build your budget, your detailed equipment inspection plan and lead your equipment assessments with the most advanced technologies non-destructive testing methods available. Phased array ultrasonic examination, eddy current, time of flight diffraction, internal rotary inspection systems, internal pipeline integrity tools, and metallurgy microscopy are some of the most sensitive technologies available. QAMSI keeps current with advancing technologies that can improve assessment methodologies for your equipment and weeds out those that don't.  

We want to be an integral member of your Asset Integrity Management System!


QA Management Solutions Inc. (QAMSI)