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Developing an Integrity or Quality Management System for owners and users, operators, maintainers and manufacturers or fabricators can be very complex or very simple in their design. The fundamental purpose of these management systems are to protect consumers, employees, the general public, the reliability of your assets, and the financial performance of your company.

IMS's are utilized within regulated environments where a company wishes to self-regulate their facilities and their operations and will generally consider numerous program elements comprised of internal and external policies, procedures, guidelines, applicable codes and standards, a myriad of available data handling and collection systems, analytical tools, and personnel training. These are just a few of the considerations that must be made when determining the overall architecture of the program and QAMSI is an expert in the development, implementation and roll out of these systems. 

QAMSI also supports full development and implementation of ISO, ASME and other management systems that are useful for you.

So, what is the best model for you and your company? Well, this is where we can help drive and support the performance needs of your organization. We use proven process based methodologies that ensures effective development and integration of your system with all areas of your company.